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2:19 mins  52.3 mb
murcielago lp640 blue flame & 200+mph 
sharp cornering training... controlled spin-outs... 200+mph speed run... blue flames shoot out of exhaust

video 1 
1:59 mins  29.6 mb
murcielago 190mph flyby
lamborghini murcielago drives by spectators at 190+ mph... two rounds

video 2 
2:00 mins  28.7 mb
murcielago lp640 rain run
pickup of us's first 2008 lamborghini murcielago lp640... speed run to 183mph in the rain

video 3 
1:57 mins  14.1 mb
mercedes slr test runs
mercedes slr mclaren 0-100 & breaking... racing race-modified z06 corvette... racing motorbike

video 4 
1:54 mins  28.2 mb
murcielago lp640 street run
lamborghini lp640 break-in period, street driving up to 120mph, multiple driveby views
video 5 
2:28 mins  34.3 mb
bugatti veyron test drive
bugatti veryron test drive video... interior views... purchase details

video 6 
4:03 mins  77.5 mb
drive to payson in hd
multi-car mix of porsche, corvette, ford gt, mercedes slr to payson & police road block finale

video 7 
3:39 mins  80.5 mb
secc supercar meet
ferrari enzo, carrera gt, mercedes slr, mercedes clk-dts, murcielago lp640 together; spinout in slr

video 8 
4:08 mins  61.3 mb
cruise to tuscon
multi-car cruise (mostly part of the supra club) & the murcielago though tuscon to 175+ mph


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